How does it work? Well, we made it as simple as possible. When you adopt a school, each dollar donated is stretched by the Strider Education Foundation. With only $2,800, you can create a real difference in your community for hundreds of children. Once adopted, each school will receive:

  • Strider Education Foundation Kindergarten PE Curriculum
  • Staff training and certification for unlimited staff
  • 2-in-1 Strider 14x Sport Bikes to use with the Kindergarten PE Curriculum
  • Continuing support from the Strider Education Foundation

Transforming communities, one kindergarten class at a time.

Changing the world for the better doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time, passion, and resources. That’s why we need your help. Across America, classrooms are using the Strider Education Foundation Kindergarten PE Program to teach students how to ride a bike. With an integrative curriculum and ongoing support from the Strider Education Foundation, this program teaches students the life-changing skill of riding a bike before they enter first grade.

Designed to be zero cost to the school, the Kindergarten PE Program thrives through the generosity of donors combined with a dollar for dollar match by the Strider Education Foundation. Because of this, we’re able to create generations of children from all walks of life and all abilities who will know how to ride a bike before first grade.

Your generosity and willingness to support a school or schools in your community will forever make a difference in your city or town, your state, and the lives of hundreds of children.

What’s at Stake

Children today are growing up in a world where technology changes faster than ever. Children are content to sit in front of screens rather than explore the world around them. We’re already experiencing the side effects of increased screen time, but we can do something to change it.

The typical childhood experience in America is one clouded by negative trends relating to physical and mental health issues, environmental damage, rising health care costs, and increased pressures to perform academically.

Thankfully, the reality we’re experiencing today doesn’t have to be the future we are creating tomorrow. We believe that learning how to ride a bike is the key to changing that.

The ability for a child to ride a bike before first grade creates opportunities in this country too important for our society to not pursue.

Through riding, children:

  • Develop stronger muscles
  • Increase their cardiovascular health
  • Experience a clearer mind for learning and improved mental health
  • Connect with others by creating friendships
  • Put the screens down and engage in physical play
  • Enjoy the numerous benefits of playing outside
  • Engage with nature while interacting with others within their community
  • Will become adults who bike, reducing traffic congestion which benefits the environment
  • Establish a healthy habit they can carry with them through life
  • Increase their mobility and experience greater independence
  • Spend more time being active with friends and family, increasing quality time together

These Schools Need Your Support

Schools across America are excited to bring the Kindergarten PE Program to their students. Your adoption of a school or schools today will forever change the lives of children across the country for the better.

Schools indicated in green have been adopted. Schools indicated in red are awaiting funding.

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You can transform the lives of an entire region by financially supporting an entire school district. Through your generosity, thousands of children can be reached with the Kindergarten PE Program.

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Our intention is to reach every single kindergarten student in the country with the Kindergarten PE Program. Join us in helping make this a reality. We’d love to talk more about how you can adopt an entire state.

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