The more kids we can get outside, active and riding bikes, the better off the world will be!

Why donate to the Strider Education Foundation?

The Strider Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of children with disabilities, members of communities in financial need, and other deserving schools or organizations, by teaching individuals how to ride a bicycle in a structured environment. The ability to ride a bike is a life-changing skill; all money given will be used to change lives by teaching this skill . Your gift truly does make a difference, and is 100% tax deductible. We need your support… join us today with your charitable donation and help change the world with riding.


100% of Your Donation Goes Directly to Putting Bicycles Into the Hands of Qualifying Organizations!

How does a learn to ride program benefit individuals, organizations, and communities?

Riding a bike is considered a key developmental milestone for children at the age of 5. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity or ability to learn this skill on their own. A learn to ride program provides everything needed in one simple kit to teach kids of all ages and abilities two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence. It also helps facilitate the development of healthy lifestyle habits. By teaching kids a skill that keeps them active, outside and socializing with other children rather than sitting inside without social interaction glued to a screen, we all win.

Learning to ride a bike is a milestone of growing up — everyone remembers the day and even the details of their first ride. Once you know how to ride, you never forget! There’s a freedom that comes with the ability to ride and balance on two wheels that is priceless. Balance is key to not only physical activities and other sports, but it is fundamental in maintaining mobility through life. Learning to ride a bike, especially at a young age, provides numerous benefits such as confidence, adventure, transportation, exploration, mobility, competition, independence, and socialization.

We are proud to deliver results, to the kids, adults, organizations and to the donors. The Foundation has strong backing from Strider Sports International . That means when you give to the Strider Education Foundation, your money goes directly to getting bikes into the hands of the organizations that teach riding.

Learning to ride a bicycle is important and life changing; all money given will be used to teach individuals who may not have access to the right bike or the opportunity to learn to ride a bike.