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Dinosaurs Custom Strider by Levi Busching

Dinosaurs by Levi Busching

Stripes Custom Strider by Kaylee Smith

Stripes by Kaylee Smith

Storm Custom Strider by Quinn Christiansen

Storm by Quinn Christiansen

Reptile Custom Strider by Kathy Maguire

Reptile by Kathy Maguire

Flourish Custom Strider by Dan Satterfield

Flourish by Dan Satterfield

The more kids we can get outside, active and riding bikes, the better off the world will be!

Strider employees have picked these, their 5 favorite designs from all the amazing contest entries! Now it's your turn! Votes for your favorite design are $1.00 per vote ($5.00 = 5 votes, $10.00 = 10 votes, $20 = 20 votes, etc.).

All monies received in the voting process will be given to The Strider Education Foundation, Inc. and used to donate bikes as well as a proven “Learn to Ride” curriculum to organizations that wish to teach young children, individuals with special needs, and the elderly how to ride.

These top 5 bikes will be on display at the Strider Education Foundation, Inc. tent during the Strider Birthday Bash on August 26, 2017, at Main Street Square in Rapid City, South Dakota. The bike with the most votes (dollars), online and at the Strider Birthday Bash combined, will win. Online voting ends August 23. We will announce the winner at the Strider Birthday Bash.

The winner will receive the wrapped Strider Bike they designed and the bike will be featured on the Strider Bikes website. Strider Bikes may also produce the custom bike design and sell a limited number nationwide to benefit the Strider Education Foundation!

The power of your donation with Strider founder Ryan McFarland

Why donate to the Strider Education Foundation?

The Strider Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of children with intellectual disabilities, members of communities in financial need, and other deserving schools or organizations, by teaching individuals how to ride a bicycle in a structured environment. Learning to ride a bicycle is important and life changing; all money given will be used to teach individuals who may not have access to the right bike or the opportunity to learn to ride a bike. We use a proven program that not only teaches individuals how to ride, but sends riders home with a bike that is fitted perfectly to them! Your gift makes a difference, and is 100% tax deductible. The joy and excitement that learning to ride a bike brings to the faces of children and parents alike is priceless! We need your support… join us today by giving to this life-changing endeavor!